ToolBook Tools & Utilities

It's a little bit difficult to arrange each ToolBook stuff as utility or sample, since samples are frequently useful to be used as tool for similar applications, and utilities in general come with some examples of use. In addition, there are sites that provide both utilities AND samples. So, I believe everything here is useful material for ToolBook applications.

  • ToolBook Downloads
    Latest ToolBook Updates.
    See also the SumTotal FTP Server - Updates:
  • ToolBook II Repair Kit / ToolBook Transfer Utility
    SumTotal recovery utility for corrupted books. As of ToolBook version 8.0, the transfer utility is shipped with the product under name "ToolBook II Repair Kit". For other ToolBook versions, the Transfer Utility is available by FTP at
    See also these SumTotal Knowledge Base Articles:
    #1779: My book seems to be corrupt, where can I find the Transfer Utility for my version of ToolBook?
    #4982: ToolBook Repair Kit Help
    #3939: Possible Causes and Avoidance/Recovery Strategies for Corrupt Books
    #2574: Message: "Last save interrupted, file may be damaged or corrupt"
    #3230: "This book has been damaged..." in Assistant
    #4142: Book plays wrong or no media clip, or gives media clip error after running Transfer Utility/Repair Kit
    And a note from , at TOOLB-L:
    "> I'm trying to use the transfer utility, but keep getting hung
    > when I try to click the "Next" button after entering the name
    > of the book to transfer and the name of the new book.

    I'll get you're running Windows 95/98. If so, you're seeing the bug with getFileList(). The quickest fix is to open the utility, click "Edit Utility", and then go to Tools->Scripts->Find/Replace. Click the Replace tab and put getFileList in top line and getFileListLFN in bottom line.
    Then Replace All (make sure range is "All Objects in this Book") and save.
    Should run fine now. Can you tell one of our developers ran into this as well?
    Hope this does the trick.
  • Platte Canyon Multimedia Software Products. Commercial
    Contact: Jeffrey M. Rhodes ()
    • FTS Pro: Full Text Search
      By Denny Dedmore, D&D Software ( Sales (exclusive distributor): Platte Canyon.
      Replacement for the Full-Text Search feature that was removed from ToolBook 6.0. Available for ToolBook 5 Instructor, 6.x and later (Instructor and Assistant). Supports the use of Language Plug-ins to localize the Search Interface for foreign languages. FTS Pro is virtually plug-and-play and there are no .INI files to fuss with. FTS Pro, unlike its predicessor, is able to index more than 20 books, will index numbers, will index ANSI characters (foreign characters), and will work on a CD-ROM.
      FTS Pro: DEMO Download available at Platte Canyon.
    • ToolBook Plug-Ins
      The Platte Canyon Plug-In Pro works with ToolBook 7.x and 8.x (Assistant and Instructor). It provides palettes and menus that adds many features and functions to ToolBook for improved working and automate many common developer tasks, with over 140 utilities, editors, and short-cuts.
      The Plug-In Pro includes all features of Plug-In LE plus a complete methodology for storing content externally, to create multi-lingual training with on-the-fly language switch.
    • Progress Tracker
      Adds detailed user tracking, bookmarks, indexes, and "return to last page" functionality to any Toolbook training application.
  • CodeFathers - Church of Code - the CodePool
    ToolBook Pool & ToolBook II / NEURON files
    • TextTools 2.0, freeware (, 107 Kb, TB 4)
      Various useful textfunctions. Text can exported and imported. (nice for translations). There is a richtext-editor with a fulltext-search inside and more.
    • Function Plotter, tutorial (, 23 Kb, TB 4)
    • Microsoft WaveMix DLL, tutorial (, 237 Kb, TB 4)
    • DragMachine 1.3, shareware (, 126 Kb, TB 4; (, 313 Kb, TB 4)
      Total Drag & Drop system. Tool to create Drag & Drop tasks in the shortest possible time without programming code. Objects, groups and graphics flow over the screen in a harmonious manner.
    • Animation Demo tool and tutorial (, 33 Kb, TB 4)
      Shows how to create pleasingly animations. Moving text fades in and out - flickerfree.
    • Drive Check DLL, shareware (, 106 Kb, DLL w/ TB 4 demo)
    • ToolBook Trick: How to remove a Password
  • TBEPS16 DLL, by Claude Ostyn and tbeps16.txt, available at FTP. Freeware, Unsupported.
    Contact: .
    The TBEPS16 tool kit can be used to help implement ToolBook embedded performance support systems (EPSS) or other applications that work with "foreign" applications. It consists of a DLL, a utility application and documentation.
    The DLL functions provided enable OpenScript programmers to perform advanced operations of interaction with other Windows applications, without wasting time in experimentation. They also isolate OpenScript programmers from dangerous and complex calls to the Windows API.
  • REGFUNCS.TBK - Script functions to read and write Windows Registry values (FTP:
    Description file (FTP: regfuncs.txt). Unsupported sample, by Claude Ostyn.
    These scripts are compatible with ToolBook version 5.0 and above only.
  • ToolBook Things web site, by
    Gallery of Free tools available:
    • Denny Dedmore's Hyperlink Patch (patchhyp.tbk)
      "Looking for a way to exceed the 300 page limitation of the Hyperlinking Page Select List? This file will add an additional button to this interface that will allow you to select ANY page in your book, not just from the first 300 pages. It will patch both ToolBook 4.0 and ToolBook 5.0.", Denny Dedmore, Apr '97.
    • ToolBook Spreadsheet
      Denny Dedmore, Toolb-l message, 18-Sep-1997.
      It is a ToolBook system book, available for versions 3, 4, 5, and 6. It looks and feels like Excel; supports 72 Excel functions, has built in Help, automatically recalculates the entire spreadsheet, features drag-resizing of columns, right/left/center justification, and best of all: IT'S FREE!
    • Other: WIN.DLL Sample Book, DOS.DLL Sample Book, Pop Up Tool Tips, Extra Assistant Widgets, Better Action Triggers, 6.0 Internet Patcher, Font Cataloger.
    • Useful Scripts: Encyclopedia Lookup, Double Click, Compare By Case, Clean Text Strings, Animated Cursors, Reset Field Scroll, Scroll Screen, Dumpt Text, Better Request Box, Find Any File.
  • G.Wim van der Vegt site (, )
    • OpenSock for Toolbook
      "A TOTALLY FREE package that lets you write internet servers and clients totally in OpenScript without using dll's (other than winsock.dll) or vbx'es".
      Also available from SumTotal FTP (
    • Traybook
      Sample of how you can equip toolbook with a Windows 95/NT4 taskbar systray icon, including context menus handled by toolbook.
    • TBDao - wrapper for Microsoft DAO (Database Access Object)
    • TBConsole
    • TBCapture
  • Toolbook Knowledge Nuggets
    The Independent public Knowledge-Base for Toolbook developers, including searchable content of Internet discussion groups archives.
    Toolb-l discussion group (Listserv) since 1994, official tech support archives from Compuserve since 1992 which then became, SumTotal hosted public discussion newsgroup, all archives since 1997.
    Contact: Andy Bulka ()
  • Toolbook Add-ons, useful authoring system books for Toolbook 4.0. Freeware
    Contact: Andy Bulka (), member of Melbourne Toolbook Users Group (MTUG) - Australia.
    • Elastic Glue - Handy Author Mode Palette for keeping your objects in position.
    • Itsy Bitsy - Miscellaneous Utilities for use in author mode.
    • GOM - Graphic Object Manager - Replaces the Import Graphic dialog box with an enhanced view, giving previews and thumbnails of all the files in a directory.
  • Vision Infosystems, LLC. Freeware, Commercial and Samples
    Contact: Tim Dutcher
    • CMS Pro / Plus
      Enhanced LAN-based Course Management System for ToolBook. It's an "upgrade" to the ToolBook Course Management System (CMS) that enables more than 500 users to your CMS databases.
    • AlphaStart, Freeware
      Eliminates the need to open multiple Start Menu folders to find your programs.
    • PowerTools 1.5 for ToolBook: Object List, Page List, Resource List, Page Notes, Property Spy, Object Hierarchy, And More. $79 (U.S. funds). Available for ToolBook II 5.0 and ToolBook 4.0.
    • ToolBook II 5.0 Sample Books
  • Tim Dutcher's Script Explorer at Brian Parkhurst's ToolBook site (SumTotal FTP), Freeware, by , SumTotal.
    Script Explorer is a ToolBook authoring utility that will help you find and organize your scripts. It builds a list of all handlers in the books you specify, and then provides this list to you to sort, search, and filter.
  • Multi Save-As Utility (17K), Free download at SumTotal
    Contact: Tim Dutcher, SumTotal
  • AutoSave system book. Freeware
    Contact: André Rosendaal ()
    SumTotal FTP,, 03.Jul.1996, 24 k.
  • SumTotal OpenScript Messages Watch: oswatche.exe (FTP, Jan.27.1997, 29k), now freely available for ToolBook developers.
  • SumTotal OpenScript Remover:
    • ToolBook 4 or later: included with the produtct; on Start menu go to Utilities > Script Remover, or look for remover.exe file into the installation folder.
    • ToolBook 3: osremove.exe (FTP, 24.Jan.1997, 36k), now freely available for ToolBook 3.x users.
  • Frank Jularic's Shared Script Remover for MTB 4.0 (SSREM_40.TBK plus SCRREM13.EXE), available from Brian Parkhurst's ToolBook URL Depository. Although nowadays SumTotal Script Remover is included with ToolBook, the Frank Jularic's utility also remove Shared Scritps and can leave any message in place of the script source.
    Also available the Frank Jularic's Script Remover for MTB 3.0 (
    Please forward comments to Frank Jularic at:
  • Thomas Lopatic's beerware ScriptRemover ( for ToolBook 3.0 e 1.53.
  • SetDPI ( Freeware
    Contact: .
  • SWITCH 1.10 Download by GmbH Germany. Freeware
  • Join the [Multimedia] Revolution (JTMR) - Ressources
    Contact: , France.
    Toolbook, Director and Java utilities. JTMR ToolBook Tools, Scripts and Widgets. Site in French.
  • Web Browser Utility System Book (BRWSUTL4.SBK)
    , Sample utility available at SumTotal FTP.
    It provides functions to detect and interact with Web browsers and pages from ToolBook. For use with ToolBook 4 (vanilla, Multimedia, or CBT Edition).
    browsutl4.txt (1.6k), (12.4k)
  • Web Kiosk Commander for Windows 95. Commercial
    Contact: - Rocky Mountain Multimedia
  • ToolBook Media Catalog Inline
    Vbio.dll (16bit & 32bit) is intended to read and write PC I/O ports in Windows 3.x/95/98 applications. This version is not applied to Windows NT/2000 and higher. If you need work under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003, use NTPort Library.
  • Knowledge Arts by Ross Hangartner, "DLL Maker for Asymetrix ToolBook" and "Using Asymetrix ToolBook" utilities
  • Sang Park's new database access DLL ( Freeware
  • Sanxware H.Q. - STX HotSplash: A generic splash-screen application. Shareware
  • Servo's Page of Downloads and Info
    Contact: - Servo's Home Page,
    • Loader: a simple utility which will display a splash-screen window as quickly as possible. Available for 16- and 32-bit Windows. JPEG support. Freeware.
  • Nishita's Freeware Site
    K. Nishita's NView Library -- Jpeg, GIF, BMP, RLE, DIB, PCX, TGA viewer DLL. Support both 16-bit and 32-bit. Freeware
  • A Grid Control for Toolbook, AVDF Toolbook Article, Nov. '96, by Stephan Grieger and Mark Trescowthick - GUI Computing
    Australian Visual Developers Forum - AVDF
  • AVDF - ToolBook and Visual Basic
    By AVDF - Australian Visual Developers Forum
    Bringing VB Declares to ToolBook, ToolBook and Visual Basic DDE, Using VBXs in Toolbook 4.0.
  • X2 Support Group Game Development Archives: Graphics, Video and music File converters
    AVI <-> MPEG, FLI -> GIF, GIF -> Icon, MOD -> MIDI, PCX -> DXF, QT -> MPEG, ...
  • ALT-T UK Toolbook User Group Script Repository
    Some useful scripts.

ToolBook Samples