ToolBook Related Sites

  • SumTotal
    The ToolBook developers. Former company names: Click2learn, Asymetrix Learning Systems; Asymetrix Corporation.
  • Platte Canyon Multimedia Software Co.
    An SumTotal Authorized Gold VAR (value-added reseller). Platte Canyon develops ToolBook utilities, includinh Plug-Ins e the Tracker family, offers consulting and provides technical information resources about ToolBook.
    ToolBook Resources:
  • ToolBook Help
    Contact: Denny Dedmore.
    ToolBook help topics, Downloads, Denny's OpenScript Book.
    Help Topics: Actions Editor, Authoring Tools, Catalog, DHTML, Errors, Finding Help, Miscellaneous, Neuron, OpenScript, Patches, Simulation Object, Using Graphics in ToolBook.
    Free Download: The Library.TBK Revived as a TB8.x Catalog, which contains lots of sample scripts and cool widgets not found elsewhere in the product. This sample accessory used to be included with ToolBook from versions 3 to 5, but since version 6 the file stopped shipping with ToolBook. Library.TBK was now updated here as a ToolBook 8.x Catalog.
  • - ToolBook
    By Dr. med. . ToolBook Developer's Network (TBDN).
    Lots of information and helpful downloads. ToolBook Tutorials: for Native and Internet deployment modes. ToolBook Web-Based Training (WBT) Demos. Shared Script Collections. ToolBook List Help: useful examples and resources posted by Dr. Cecil on TB Listserv. ToolBook Downloads: Application, Utility, Games, Accessory.
  • is a news site and portal for ToolBook developers. Its aim is to distil news, opinions and tips concerning ToolBook development.
  • ToolBook Developer
    By Peter Jackson, Sydney, Australia.
    ToolBook Developer FreeBees, Tools, Consulting, Showcase, MS Agent in ToolBook, TBCon 2002, Links/Resources.
  • TBCon: The ToolBook User's Conference
    Site for the Annual ToolBook User's Conference, TBCon.
    TBCon is focused on the technical aspects of developing applications with ToolBook.
  • Vision Infosystems
    Contact: .
    Vision Infosystems develops a Course Management System (CMS) for ToolBook-based courseware. The product supports ToolBook versions 7.2 through 8.5, works with SQL Server (or dBase for smaller installations), provides course assignments to student groups, reporting, and more.
  • Compact ToolBook
    Contact: , CompactBook Publishing, Moscow, Russia
    This site is devoted to programming using ToolBook. You can find tips and solutions of some problems here. All scripts are original and were used in projects of CompactBook Publishing.
  • The Toolbook Portal
    Toolbook Links by .
  • John Hall's FAQs list
    Old Neuron-based ToolBook FAQ.
  • ToolBook URL Depository, by Brian C. Parkhurst (brianp)
  • ATUG - Australian Toolbook User Group
    Melbourne Toolbook Users Group (MTUG) - Australia
    ToolBook Tips Magazine: many tips and techniques, online or for download.
    Toolbook Knowledge Nuggets: the Independent public Knowledge Base for Toolbook developers, including searchable content of Internet discussion groups archives.
    Maintained by: Andy Bulka ()
    MTUG - Toolbook Add-ons
  • X-PERTeam France
    "Le Spécialiste ToolBook". French language site.
    X-PERTeam France is a 5-year association, specialized in the French CBT area and on ToolBook. This web site in French is mainly dedicated to CBT, SumTotal and ToolBook products. The site is a reference for French-speaking ToolBook users.
    Contribution: .
  • Toolbook Users' Web
    Contact: , Bristol, UK
    User Groups, Lists, Web Ring, Conferences, Proceedings of the Online Learning Euro (formerly UK ToolBook User) conference (dating back to 1993), Software.
    This site merges two long-standing ToolBook sites hosted by the Institute for Learning and Research Technology (ILRT), University of Bristol, UK:
  • ToolBook Area at IBIS Multimedia [In Italian]
    Tutorials (Tutorial su ToolBook in italiano), Neuron example, Links, Guides.
  • Educational Technology Resources
    University of Warwick, Educational Technology.
  • ToolBook User Groups
    By On-line Training Co.
    Gulf Coast ToolBook Users Group, North Texas ToolBook Users Group, ToolBook Users News, ToolBook Links.