ToolBook Deployment

ToolBook Runtimes

Runtime installers for various versions of ToolBook, available via FTP at

  • For ToolBook II 8.x and 7.x runtimes, download and install the proper Neuron Plug-in, that includes TB runtime engine:
    #4016: Guide to Neuron installer versions on SumTotal FTP.
  • tb65rt.exe: [Dec 21 1998] 4824k. ToolBook II 6.5.
    Neuron6 Plug-in, that includes TB6.x runtime engine:
    neuron65ns.exe Netscape [Oct 01 1998] 6837k, neuron65.exe [Nov 03 1998] 7168k, neuron60.exe [May 22 1998] 4374k
  • tb50rt.exe: [Sep 18 1996] 2340k. ToolBook II 5.0
    Neuron 5.02 Plug-in w/ TB5 runtime engine: neuron50.exe [Feb 4 1998] 3969k
  • ctb40rt.exe: [Oct 15 1996] 2266k. Multimedia ToolBook 4.02 CBT Edition. Also runs Mutlimedia and plain ToolBook 4 books.
  • mtb40rt.exe: [Oct 15 1996] 1978k. Multimedia ToolBook 4.02. Also runs plain vanilla ToolBook 4 books.
  • cbt30rt.exe: [Jan 17 1996] 1905k. Multimedia ToolBook 3.0a CBT Edition. Also runs Mutlimedia and vanilla ToolBook 3 books.
  • mtb30rt.exe: [Jan 17 1996] 1658k. Multimedia ToolBook 3.0a. Also runs vanilla ToolBook 3 books.
  • tb30rt.exe: [Jan 17 1996] 1246k. ToolBook 3.0a
  • tb15.exe: [Aug 12 1996] 539k. Multimedia / ToolBook 1.53

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Neuron & Impulse

Neuron: The ToolBook Plug-In for the Internet. Neuron is a browser plug-in or ActiveX control that enables a Web browser to play a ToolBook Instructor or Assistant file (TBK file). Download and KB articles:

ToolBook Applications Deployment

About executables and applications generated by ToolBook:

About ToolBook deployment without runtime installation, CD distribution and AutoPlay:

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