Other Application Servers

Besides application servers based on JavaServer / J2EE, Microsoft .NET / ASP and PHP architectures, there are other application servers technologies available.

Web Servers

Web Based Password Change

  • ChangePassword
    ChangePassword modifies the passwords of passwd, Samba, and Squid through the Web. All passwords are syncronized and changed in real time through browsers like Mozilla, Netscape, IE, Opera, and others. By Vinicius M. de Souza.
    SourceForge Project: ChangePassword.
  • chpasswd project
    chpasswd allows users to change their password via WWW. The program was written for Linux-like systems. It does not use PAM library and changes passwords in DES and MD5 encrypts. chpaswd logs in every call to the syslog facility, no matter they are correct on incorrect, and features the ability to deny certain users from changing their password, for security reasons (example: root), simply by adding denied usernames to the /etc/www.deny file. By Benedykt Kroplewski (mlody). GNU General Public License (GPL).
    SourceForge Project: chpasswd.
  • Poppassd: password change daemon
    This program is based on original Qualcomm password changer daemon dedicated for changing system passwords over network. The most common usage is to change user's passwords using a web form. The rationale behind using poppassd for that purpose is to separate web frontend (low privileges) from the system backend (root privileges necessary to change password). Poppassd strictly isolates the WWW interface from actual password manipulations, preventing some security vulnerabilities involving use of SUID CGIs etc.
    By Pawel Krawczyk, CETI. Based on poppassd by John Norstad, Roy Smith and Daniel L. Leavitt.
    poppassd: An Eudora and NUPOP change password server. Version 1.9 with PAM (and PAM LDAP) support.
  • POPPasswd
    Poppassd is a program that changes system passwords thus allowing users to change their mail passwords. For Unix and NT.
  • user_manage: The All-Purpose Web Server User Management Script
    By Lincoln D. Stein ([email protected]), Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL).
    user_manage is a freely distributed remote tool for the Apache Web server that allows authorized users to change their passwords remotely. user_manage handles most variants of the Apache "Basic" and "Digest" authentication scheme.
  • Web Pass - Online Web Based Password Changer
    Web Pass is a CGI script which allows users on a system to change their passwords via the web. This is useful for users with no shell access to the machine, but who still have 'real' accounts for things such as web space, ftp Samba and the like. The authentication modules supported are: IMAP, FTP, POP3.
  • changepass.cgi
    Changepass.cgi is a web-based password changing utility for LDAP environments, written in Perl. It uses Net::LDAP Perl module. By Cloudmaster (Danny Sauer).
  • CGIPasswd
    CGIpasswd is a simple CGI password changer that works through the PAM library. The interface and the messages can be customized at compile-time. By Adrian Ber.
  • See: PAM - Pluggable Authentication Modules