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PHP is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded general-purpose scripting language especially suited for Web development. PHP started its popularization in PHP/FI 2.0, an early and no longer supported version of PHP. PHP 3 is the successor to PHP/FI 2.0 and is a lot nicer. PHP 4 is the current generation of PHP, which uses the Zend engine under the hood. PHP 5 is a new (currently experimental) version that uses Zend engine 2 which, among other things, offers many additional OOP features.

  • PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
    PHP official site. PHP4 (Zend) & PHP3. Downloads, Documentation, Quik reference search, Support, News, Projects, PHP Links, Mirror sites.
  • PHP Manual
    Official PHP Manual, by PHP Documentation Group. Getting Started - Introduction and Tutorial, Language Reference, Features, Function Reference, Zend API, PHP API: Interfaces for extension writers, FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions, Appendixes.
  • Zend Technologies & PHP4
    PHP Products & Resources. Zend is a complete, ground-up rewrite of the PHP scripting engine. The Zend Engine is a fast scripting engine, cross-platform and open-source, licensed to PHP for free use.
    PHP Download, Documentation and Community. Code Gallery, Tips, Articles, Tutorials and Case Studies, Applications.
  • phpDocumentator
    phpDocumentor, sometimes referred to as phpdoc or phpdocu, is the current standard auto-documentation tool for the php language. Similar to Javadoc, and written in PHP, phpDocumentor can be used from the command line or a web interface.
    News, Docs - Tutorial & Manual, FAQ, Forums, Download, Developer area.
  • Category: PHP programming language
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  • php|architect
    PHP Magazine, PHP Conferences, PHP Books.
  • PHP Refcard
    By Jason Gilmore. Available on DZone Refcardz. This reference card was created to help you quickly navigate some of PHP's most commonplace features, including object-oriented programming, array and string manipulation, regular expressions, and MySQL integration. Features include Configuration, Popular PEAR Packages, Object-Oriented PHP, Regular Expressions, MySQL Integration, Hot Tips and more.
  • PEAR :: The PHP Extension and Application Repository
    PEAR is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components. PECL, being a subset of PEAR, is the complement for C extensions for PHP.
  • Smarty : Template Engine
    Smarty is a template engine for PHP. It facilitates a manageable way to separate application logic and content from its presentation. This is best described in a situation where the application programmer and the template designer play different roles, or in most cases are not the same person. Smarty does not attempt to completely separate logic from the templates. There is no problem with logic in your templates under the condition that this logic is strictly for presentation, keeping presentation logic out of the effective application.
    AMFPHP is a free open-source PHP implementation of the Action Message Format (AMF). AMF allows for binary serialization of Action Script (AS2, AS3) native types and objects to be sent to server side services. AMFPHP is challenged with implementing the entire AMF protocol to be an alternative to Flex Data Services (AMF3) and Flash Remoting (AMF0).
  • PHP Developer's Network (PHPDN)
  • PHP Classes Repository
    PHP Class Scripts, PHP Book Reviews, PHP User Groups, PHP Support Forums, Web Hosting Comparisons. Newsletter, Blog, Forum, FAQ.
  • PaWS: PHP and Web Standards Conference (UK)
  • - Resource For PHP Developers. Articles, Community, Code Library, Docs, Mail Archive.
  • Builder AU - Program - PHP
    By developers for developers.
  • PX: PHP Code Exchange by David Sklar
    PHP algorithms, databases, discussions, games, graphics, HTML, HTTP, i18n, money, networking, time and date.
  • PHPLIB - PHP Base Library
    SourceForge Project: PHPLIB. PHPLIB is an object-oriented application development toolkit for PHP. It is primarily of benefit to Web application developers, but contains classes which are useful to other PHP develoepers as well.
  • PHP
  • WeberDev - BerBer's Web Development Assistance Site
    PHP & MySQL Code examples, Classes, Articles, Forums, Manual, Function list, web development resources.
  • PHP Classes Repository
    An experimental service intended to be as means of distribution of freely available programming classes of objects written in PHP.
  • Horde Project
    Web applications development under the GNU Public License (GPL), powered by PHP.
    IMP: an IMAP webmail client. It rules.
    WHUPS, a project management system aimed at combinating Bugzilla, FAQ-O-Matic, and CVSweb. Skattek, a firewall configuration tool. Troll, a net news client. Kronolith, a robust, group-enabled web calendar. And others.
    Horde applications are written in PHP.
  • PHP-Nuke
    PHP-Nuke is a web based automated news publishing and content management system (CMS, a "nuke") based on PHP and MySQL.
    PHP-Nuke at Wikipedia.
  • PHP Resource Index
    By Matt Wright - Matt's Script Archive, Inc.
  • PHP Everywhere
    Good blog on PHP subjects, by John Lim.
  • PHP
    By - Web Development Powerhouse - about 20000 resources listed in over 1000 categories.
  • ASP2PHP by Michael Kohn
    ASP2PHP is "a kick in the ass to the W2K Problem (ie. The Windows 2000 Problem)" ;-)
    ASP to PHP conversor.
  • PHPindex - In French
  • Are PHP and MySQL the Perfect Couple
    By W.J. Gilmore, June 16, 2000 - O'Reilly Network.
  • PHP PHP and MySQL Web Development
    This community website exists to provide you with information to use while learning or developing PHP and MySQL.
  • PHP Code Beautifier
    This tool is designed to beautify PHP code, applying most of the PEAR standard requirements to it. It can even process really scrambled scripts, e.g. all code in one line, and thus may help you to get scripts into a more readable form.

Zend Framework - PHP MVC

Zend Framework is a high quality and open source framework for developing modern, secure and reliable Web Applications and Web Services with PHP 5, based on simplicity, productivity, object-oriented best practices, flexible architecture, corporate friendly licensing (BSD), and a rigorously tested agile codebase. Zend Framework brings the latest Web development features, such as AJAX with JSON, native PHP edition of Lucene search engine, Syndication, Web Services, high-quality object-oriented PHP 5 class library.

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