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  • MSA - Matt's Script Archive, Inc.
    By Matt Wright. Offering free CGI scripts to the web community since 1995. Matt's Free Perl and C++ CGI Scripts: FormMail, Guestbook, WWWBoard, Simple Search, Counter, TextCounter, TextClock, Random Text, and many others.
  • Selena Sol's Public Domain CGI Script Archive and Resource Library
    Selena Sol site: Digital Soul
    Selena Sol's Site Mirror no Brasil
  • CGI Script Repository (FTP)
    FTP at NCSA, with a ruge quantity of source-code CGI in Perl, C etc.
  • FreeScripts
    Free CGI Scripts Written in Perl
    ChatPro LE, Form Processor, Random Quote, MailFile, PictureFrame, Quick Links, Text Counter, PostCard Pro LE, BannerWheel LE, Vote, CGI-LIB, Referer, Renamer, Footer.
  • FreeWare: CGI - Perl [In Portuguese] - Your source of free services on the Web
  • CGI Scripts by Gossamer Threads
    Gossamer Threads Script Resources.
    • DBMan - Database Manager: manage an ASCII database through an easy to use web interface.
      This script is free for non-commercial use. Commercial use requires a one time registraion of US$100.
    • FileMan - File Manager: control your files through an easy to use web interface.
      Single User version Free, Multi-User is US$150 per server.
    • Links Manager: create a link directory (your own "mini-Yahoo"). Includes sophisticated administrative tool.
      Links is being distributed as shareware. It is US$150 for commercial use, and free for nonprofit and individual use.
      Gossamer Links (previously Links SQL)
      An enhanced all-SQL version of Links, for very large directories. Links SQL is a complete rewrite of the original, designed with large websites in mind.
  • WebScripts by Darryl C. Burgdorf
    Useful and quality Perl CGI Programs. The scripts can all be used and modified freely, though I ask that they not be redistributed without permission. Some are freeware, and won't cost you a dime; others are shareware, for which the author requests a modest registration fee.
    • WebAdverts: a comprehensive system for maintaining a set of rotating banner ads on your site or for setting up a "banner exchange" between your site and others.
    • WebCal: allows you to create and maintain an interactive events calendar or scheduling system on your Web site.
    • WebHints: allows you to easily set up and maintain a "Hint (Quote/Tip/Joke/Whatever) of the Day" page.
    • WebLibs: the Webified version of the old "Mad Libs" party game. It will allow you to set up "stories" on your Web site which visitors can complete by "filling in the blanks".
    • WebSearch: allows users to search for key words in documents located on your Web site.
    • WebBBS: a Web-based bulletin board.
    • WebLog: a comprehensive access log analysis tool.
    • LogTools: CounterLog, AgentLog and RefLog are designed to let you create (if necessary) and analyze NCSA-format agent and referer logs.
    • WebTester: a handy site management tool, the primary purpose of which is to check your site for broken links. It will report both on missing files and on those which exist but aren't referenced.
  • Show & Sell
    By Purely By Magic (PBM)
    Show & Sell is a Free CGI Perl 5 script which allows you to set up and log the display of clickable advertisements on your web site.
  • Free & Clear
    The new home of VP Developing's FreeStuff utilities. The site needs a free member registering, for usage tracking purposes only.
    Utilities free for non-commercial use: FormsPlus, Menu, CountDown+, Random Image, The Banner Creator, Electronic Postcards (
    VP Developing Free
    Free Perl scripts for download: Notify, TxtConvert, CountDown+, MajorHelp, CaseConvert. By Bob Parker (VP Developing).
  • - Perl CGI to upload files via web browser
    Muquit's free software, by Muhammad A Muquit. is simple CGI perl script to upload file using netscape 2.0+ or Internet Explorer 4.0+. The program uses the excellent perl module (part of standard perl now). To upload a file, the user must validate herself. The script uses a text file as a user database. The text file contains the colon separated userid, Unix crypted password and user's upload path.

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