E-Commerce - Electronic Commerce

Online Web Financial Transactions

  • Signio
  • Authorize.Net
  • Planet Payment
    Multi-currency credit card processing for bussinesses located virtually anywhere on Planet Earth.
  • CyberCash
  • KLEline
    KLELine is a financial institution created in 1996, headquatered in Paris/France with offices in New York and London, subsidiary of BNP-Paribas, Europe's third largest bank group. KLELine offers complete payment solutions to merchants and Web shoppers throughout the world.
  • First Data
    First Data Merchant Services and Internet Commerce. Software solutions for Internet merchant operations, including credit card processing and storefront.
  • Global Payment Systems
    NDC e-commerce.
  • Red Hat Credit Card Verification System - CCVS
    Red Hat CCVS is software designed to process financial transactions of credit card payments, integrated with modern operating system platforms (Linux, Sun Solaris, SCO OpenServer, AIX, BSD, FreeBSD), programming languages (C, Tcl, Perl, Python, Java, PHP) and the Internet. CCVS is acquirer independent, supporting various transaction clearing protocols and merchant acount providers (First Data Co., Global Payment Systems, Visa International, Paymentech, NOVA Information Systems).
  • SET - Secure Electronic Transaction
  • Cryptography and SET: Safe Surfing?
    IBM White Paper, 1999.
  • GlobeSet
    Distribution in Brazil: Web Soluções
  • IBM E-business
    E-commerce Solutions.
    IBM Payment Suite.
  • Vesta Technologies - Brasil
    Soluções para Comércio Eletrônico e EDI.
    Vesta Easy Pay.