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The CD made its debut in 1982 as an audio medium to take over conventional records. Since then CDs of various standards have come up including photo CD, CD-ROM, video CD, and CD-R/RW, each provided with an interactive function, to take the lead in the field of multimedia and IT. Various bodies to promote the respective standards have been set up accordingly.

-- Extracted from CD21 Solutions.

CD AutoRun / AutoPlay

CD/DVD Recording Software

CD/DVD Utilities

DVD - Digital Video Disc / Digital Versatile Disc

DVD CSS - Contents Scrambling System

DVD Software

  • - The Definitive DVD Backup Resource.
    Useful Software Tools: Audio, AVI, Calculators, Codecs, Descrambling, Ripping, Decoders, DivX / MPEG-4 Encoders, Filters, Launchers, Media Players, MPEG-1/2 Encoders, Region Free, Subtitles, S/VCD, VOB Tools, Support Utils.
  • DVD Decrypter
    The Ultimate DVD Ripper. Free. Extract and decrypt (DeCSS) VOB files from DVD to your hard disk, or generete an ISO image.
  • DVD Shring
    DVD Shrink: Shrink your DVDs to fit DVDR. Free software. English / Español.
  • DAEMON Tools
    DAEMON Tools is a virtual cd/dvd-rom emulator. It is able to emulate nearly all known copy protections on the market today. Free for personal, non-commercial use.
    DAEMON Tools Download.
  • IfoEdit
    IfoEdit - The solution to DVD Copy 1:1. Mirror.
    Video Software: DVD rippers, DVD tools, DVD-R tools, Subtitle tools, Video capture tools, Video codecs and filters, Video encoders, Video players, Video tools.
    DVD Downloads: DVD Conversion, Editing and Ripping Tools.
  • DVD Softwares
    DVD Encoders, Divx Codec and Decoders; DVD Players; DVD Region Area Utilities; DVD Rippers; DVD Writing, Burning and Authoring Softwares; DVD Video MPEG Subtitles; Miscellaneous DVD Utility Software.
  • vStrip - DVD VOB Utility
    vStrip is a small utility for stripping (=removing) unwanted streams (=data packets) out of VOBs (Video Objects) without having to reweave the VOB, or extracting the data contained inside a single stream. It also parses IFO-files so it (hopefully) doesn't get confused by multi-angle VOBs. By Daniel Vollmer [maven].
    vStrip Guide -
  • DVD Writers

DVD Utilities

  • Drive Region Info
    Drive Region Info Download.
    Freeware by Visual Domain.
  • DVD Region Killer
    Automatic region selector for region free DVD drives. Free Software by Elaborate Bytes.
  • DVD Genie
    DVD Genie is a DVD Tweaking and Enhancement tool. It allows you to enable many undocumented or hard to find options through a simple and easy to use user interface. DVD Genie only supports region free DVD drive. If your DVD drive is region protected (RPC-2), you should try DVD Region-Free to watch all region DVDs.
  • DVD Region-Free
    DVD Region-Free enables you to watch any region DVDs on region-locked DVD drive. It will work, even if you can not change the DVD drive's region anymore. You needn't hack DVD drive (flash firmware) which is sometimes dangerous, useless or unavailable. DVD Region-Free disables region check for software DVD players such as PowerDVD, WinDVD, ATI DVD Player, DirectDVD, NVDVD, CinePlayer, Windows Media Player, PCFriendly Player, InterActual Player, TheaterTek DVD and UltraDVD. Shareware.
  • Remote Selector
    Remote Selector is an add-on utility for PC DVD players with the following features: Region free for all supported decoders and players with any DVD drive, even region protected ones; Disabling MacroVision and changing video mode on TV output, to connect your DVD player to your VCR without any image distortion, Disabling User Prohibition operations; Disabling of forced subtitles.
    Shareware by Visual Domain.
  • The Firmware Page,


Sony MiniDisc - MD

MiniDisc (MD) is a disc based digital medium for recording and distributing consumer audio with near-CD quality. MD is rewriteable and holds 74 minutes of stereo music, or 148 minutes in monoaural.