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The X Window System (X11) & XFree86

Bibliotecas e Ambientes Gráficos Desktop

  • The X Desktop Group - is a free software project to work on interoperability and shared technology for desktop environments for the X Window System. The most famous X desktops are GNOME and KDE, but any desktop or desktop application developers are welcome to participate. is affiliated with the Free Standards Group (FSG); the FSG does "de jure" standards for free software, while is just a "collaboration zone" where ideas and code can be tossed around, and de facto specifications encouraged.

Motif & CDE


Qt & KDE

  • KDE - The K Desktop Environment
  • Qt GUI Toolkit
    By Trolltech (também como
    The multi-platform C++ Graphical User Interface (GUI) software toolkit.
    Qt Free Edition
    Qt Free Edition is provided under the Q Public License ("QPL"). This specifies that you may freely use the Qt Free Edition for: running software developed by others (e.g. KDE); development of open source/non-proprietary software.
  • Konqueror - KDE 2 Web and file system browser.


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