Java Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Interface Components & Widget Toolkits.

Project Swing & Java Foundation Classes (JFC)

Other GUI Toolkits

  • Thinlet
    Thinlet is a lightweight GUI toolkit for Java. In a single Java class, it parses the hierarchy and properties of the GUI, handles user interaction, and calls business logic. Thinlet separates the graphic presentation (described in an XML file) and the application methods (written as Java code). It's LGPL licensed and runs with Java™ 1.1 (old browsers' default JVM) and superior. Swing isn't required.
    Thinlet SourceForge project.
    • ThinG - a GUI Editor for Thinlet
      ThinG is a XML UI Language (XUL) GUI Editor for Thinlet. ThinG has been written by Dirk Möbius in (almost) seven days, on JDK 1.4; ThinG also requires J2SE 1.4 (JRE/JDK) or higher to run. The license is GPL. Of course, it is written using Thinlet itself.
    • xthinlet: ScriptableThinlet and ObjectWrapperThinlet
      xthinlet is a set of LGPL extension packages for the thinlet library, a light XUL (XML UI Language) for java. xthinlet include: the Object Wrapper Thinlet extension, which allow you to build UI thinlet in a more Object Oriented way; the ScriptableThinlet extension, which allow you to wrote your action in script language, directly inside the XUL file, supporting BeanShell, JavaScript, Groovy, Jython.
  • SWT - Standard Widget Toolkit
    A lightweight multi-platform native widget toolkit, open source software by Eclipse Project.
    SWT FAQ.
    SWT: The Standard Widget Toolkit. PART 1: Implementation Strategy for Java™ Natives. The first in a series of articles about the design ideas behind SWT. By Steve Northover, OTI, March 2001.
    SWT Component Development Resources.
  • Java Curses Library
    The Java Curses Library (JCurses) is a Java library, that makes it possible to write text terminal based application using Java programming language. For this purpose an windowing toolkit is implemented, that, like a text based AWT class library.
    Javacurses is an open-source SourceForge Project, distributed under GNU Library license or Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

GUI Editors

  • FormLayoutMaker
    An easier way to build JGoodies Java forms. FormLayoutMaker will work in conjunction with any development environment, from NetBeans and Eclipse to VI and Emacs. And for the best part, it's completely free and open source.
  • JFormDesigner - Java/Swing GUI designer
    JFormDesigner is an innovative multi-platform WYSIWYG GUI designer for Java Swing user interfaces.
  • WindowBuilder Pro
    SWT and Swing Development for Eclipse.