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Formatadores de Código

  • C-C++ Beautifier HOW-TO
    By Al Dev (Alavoor Vasudevan), The Linux Documentation Project (TLDP). This document will help you to format (beautify) the C/C++ programs so that it is more readable and confirms to your site C/C++ coding standards. The information in this document applies to all the operating sytems.
  • BCPP - C(++) Beautifier
    bcpp indents C/C++ source programs, replacing tabs with spaces or the reverse. Unlike indent, it does (by design) not attempt to wrap long statements. bcpp was written by Steven De Toni and improved by Thomas E. Dickey.
  • Artistic Style
    A Free, Fast and Small Automatic Indentation Filter for C, C++, C#, Java Source Codes, by Tal Davidson, Israel.
    Projeto SourceForge: astyle.
  • indent++
    indent++ beautifier of C/C++ source code. indent++ is a software project to perhaps replace GNU indent and allow it to be extendable to other languages, specifically C++.
  • GNU indent
    The GNU indent program can be used to make code easier to read. It can also convert from one style of writing C to another. indent understands a substantial amount about the syntax of C, but it also attempts to cope with incomplete and misformed syntax.
    Indent Code Beautification: home page for the GNU indent tool by David Ingamells, releases and documentation.