Windows Programming

  • MSDN - Microsoft Developer Network
  • Google Directory: Windows Programming
  • #winprog - EFNet IRC Windows Programming Channel
    #WiNpRoG is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel on EFNet dedicated to Windows programming. Win32 API C/C++, MFC, and many other of the latest programming topics are discussed here.
  • SysInternals Freeware
    The Sysinternals web site provides you with advanced utilities, technical information, and source code related to Windows 9x, Windows Me, and Windows NT/2000 internals that you won't find anywhere else. Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell alone write and update everything here.
  • The Code Project
    The Code Project - Free Source Code and Tutorials. Your place for free Visual C++ and MFC, C# and .NET articles, code snippets, discussions, news and the best bunch of developers on the net.
    COM/DCOM/COM+, MFC, Clipboard, Doc/View, Debug tips, Database, DLLs, Files & Folders, Internet & Network, Macros & Add-ins, Printing, Samples, String, System, Threads, Processes & IPC, Programming Tips, Free Tools, Shell Programming, Date & Time, WinHelp/HTMLHelp, Libraries, Multimedia, Platforms, Web Scripting.
  • CodeGuru
    Visual C++ / MFC / C++, .NET (C# and more), Visual Basic. By EarthWeb, a division of INT Media Group (
  • DevArchive.Com
    Delphi, C++ Builder, Kylix & Visual Basic. Archives, Books, Forums.
    This is your jumping off point to a number of interesting offerings being provided for you by a few folks associated with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program.
  • Unix Tools for Windows
    Windows ports of GCC: MinGW (Win32 nativo) & Cygwin (POSIX API). ActiveState - great focus on open language-based development software and resources for Windows: Perl, Python, Tcl, PHP, XSLT.

Windows Networking

  • NDIS Developer's Reference
    Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) defines a standard API for "Network Interface Cards" (NIC's) hardware on Microsoft Windows platforms, to be used as a common programming interface by the "Media Access Controller" (MAC) device drivers as well as higher level protocol drivers (such as TCP/IP).
    NDIS White Papers, NDIS FAQ, Knowledge Base, Internet Resources.
  • Sockets
    Windows Sockets (WinSock) Development Information. Most of site material comes out of the book Windows Sockets Network Programming, which provides a detailed introduction, and complete reference to WinSock versions 1.1 and 2.0. By Bob Quinn.
  • Winsock Programmer's FAQ
    Maintained by Warren Young, up to September 2001.

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