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Informação sobre Bancos de Dados


Links SGBD

Utilitários SQL & SGBD

  • Quest Software
    Produtora de grande variedade de software em ferramentas para projeto, administração, manutenção, análise, monitoramento e ajuste de bancos de dados Oracle, entre outros ambientes.
  • Precise Software for Databases
    Ferramentas para gerenciamento de desempenho de bancos de dados Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server e Sybase, entre outros ambientes de TI.
  • Toad Data Modeler(ex CuteSQL)
    Toad Data Modeler Freeware (saving model is limited to 25 entities).
    Toad Extension for Eclipse - Free Eclipse plugin for Oracle database (9/10/11) users.
  • iSQL-Viewer
    Independent SQL Tool - iSQL-Viewer, a multi-platform database tool, originated by Markus A. Kobold. iSQL-Viewer is an open-source JDBC 2.x compliant database front-end written in the Java programming language. It is designed to exploit the features of the JDBC API across the multiple platforms that adhere to it. iSQL-Viewer works with popular database platforms available including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and Informix. iSQL-Viewer also provides a variety of tools for common database tasks: a friendly SQL console for executing SQL statements, batch processing, table creation, database introspection, import and export to popular file formats such as Microsoft Excel, XML, HTML, ASCII delimited.
  • SQL Developer
    SQL Developer is a SQL administration and development frontend with a graphical user interface. Commercial. It is written completely in Java and runs on virtual machines supporting Java 1.3 or higher.
    With SQL Developer you can connect to various databases using the JDBC interface. The follwing databases have been tested during development: Oracle 8 / 8i / 9i, IBM DB2 V.6 (OS/390) / V.7.1 (Windows NT), Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere, Microsoft SQL Server 7, MySQL 3.23, Cloudscape 3.64, HypersonicSQL, Microsoft Access 97 / 2000, Microsoft Excel 97 / 2000, PointBase 3.4 Server.

Interfaces de acesso a BD

Interfaces para Formato dBase

  • dbf dBASE Reader and Converter
    dbf is an easy-to-use command line tool to show and convert the content of dBASE III, IV, and 5.0 files. It reads dBASE databases and prints the content to the screen or converts it to comma-separated (*.csv) files, which can be opened in Excel, Calc, and most other spread sheets. Free project (GNU LGPL) by Björn Berg.
  • DBF Manager
    DBF viewer and editor (DBase III, IV, V, Foxpro, Clipper), Create and modify dbf structure, Print dbf structure and dbf data, Open, edit .ndx, .cdx, .ntx index files, pack, zap, reindex, Export to csv, txt, xls, html file formats.
  • CDBF - DBF Viewer and Editor
    Para Windows, DOS, Linux. Por WhiteTown Software.
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